Financial security is important to everyone. When you are a foster youth that graduates high school (if you are lucky enough to do so – more than 50% drop out), you are usually three grade levels in educational knowledge below your peers at your same age and have been pushed through the system without any special assistance.

Following high school, most foster youth aging out opt not to attend any further education and usually enter into the fast food industry with little hope of a developing a career or skills that will take them into their adulthood.

This is where our Everyday Heroes Employment Program comes into play. Our mission is to provide access to trades and administrative careers that will provide for a future path for foster youth aging out of the system.

This is not an easy endeavor, most foster youth haven’t had access to the social skills many of their peers have. Most foster youth haven’t been exposed to the trades as an opportunity for a future career.

Our goal is to introduce foster youth to the power of the trades in conjunction with an in-depth adulting mentoring program. We have already begun building relationships with trade schools, organizations and companies in many of the high demand trades. Our trade partners have committed to helping Fostering Heroes Foundation in development of an employment program that help foster youth enter the trade workforce (including access to trade schooling).


2023 - 2024 PROGRAM GOALS:

Develop relationships with Two Trade schools, Ten Trade Employers and Five trade organizations
10 - 20 youth actively participating in the employMENT program